Branding the Foundation, For Business Growth

In this generation where social media is key to business growth, a product or service is almost irrelevant without a brand. Decades ago, a brand was defined by its name, slogan, sign, symbol, or design, and could also incorporate a combination of these elements. Fast forward to the present. Branding is now more complex and even more relevant than ever before.

At Crest Link, we understand the importance of personal brand identity and for the past decades, our products have created loyal customers. Our apparel is specially crafted by a team of professional designers that ensures our clients not only look good but also feel good with our brand.

The story of our embroidery service

Despite the rise of strip malls, thrift stores, and mega-retailers, our loyal customers would still prefer having their products personalized. Crest Link’s embroidery service provides you with the results you need to create authentic, high-quality clothing and accessories. The workmanship of our embroidered products are produced by our own specialized technology that results in a finer, neater, and quality finish

What makes us different?

Different from any orthodox printing, embroidery creates a raised and textured effect achieved by attaching thread in any desired pattern to recreate a logo or design. Crest Link, with over 15 years of experience has been offering embroidery services to our customers. Our design team can take any image or artwork and refine it to be embroidered on any kind of apparel including caps, t-shirts, golf bags, and various other items.

Crest Link, made to last

Branding has been so complex and relevant in today’s world. At Crest Link, we understand the needs and importance of this personal brand identity to each individual. Over the years, our products and services have successfully created a group of loyal customers and also strengthen our in-house marketing and designer team to personally assist customer in creating the best brand identity.

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