Crest Link produces and markets golf apparel, casual wear and golf accessories which have become popular in many countries. Crest Link offers a wide selection of fashionable clothing suitable for tropical and temperate climates. Crest Link uses superior fabric that enhances efficient moisture absorption and evaporation thus ensuring a smoother feel and better comfort, at all times. Design in trendy colors and fashionable styles, Crest Link is now the leading golf apparel in various markets around the world! We believe in providing unique, high quality garments that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal making them a sure hit with customers around the globe.

Fabric Technology

Micro-Dri is a technology, built into the microfibre material that is engineered for performance. Made from the highest grade Japanese yarn, it boasts of an extremely smooth feel and is lightweight. It works by wicking away sweat and moisture, keeping the wearer cool and lowers body temperature. The material produces this through quick, high volume moisture absorption rate and further enhances the effect by speeding up the evaporation process.  This technology is included in all Crest Link performance apparel.

Many hours in the Sun can be detrimental to the skin. While golfers usually apply a generous layer of sunblock lotion to protect themselves from the harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays, this does not take into account the exposure on unexposed skin through apparel. In most cases UV rays are able to penetrate the fabric of apparel and such prolonged exposure can lead to skin damage, impaired cell function and Melanoma. Laboratory tests have shown that cotton fabric allows 50 per cent of the harmful UV rays through and up to 70 per cent when the fabric is wet. Crest Link’s UPF 30+ fabric protects the unexposed skin, with an effect similar to using a sunblock with an SPF30 rating. This fabric combines the moisture wicking capabilities of Micro-Dri technology, while protecting golfers’ skin from the UV rays. It complies with all international Ultra Violet Protection Factor standards.

A-Vent is an abbreviated term for Crest Link’s Air Ventilation System. This material allows supreme breathability, heat dissipation and is extremely quick drying. To aid evaporation it is incorporated in strategic areas on the apparel where there is excess moisture. The A-Vent system keeps the wearer cool, dry and comfortable at all times, whether on or off the golf course.

The Comp.Tech technology is primarily found in Crest Link’s compression arm socks. It is designed to increase blood flow to the arms, reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. Its spandex mixed microfibre material allows for a high level of flexibility allowing unhindered arm rotation. Comp.Tech consists of a mix of material technologies such as the Micro-Dri and Micro-Dri UV. This combination of materials promises quick moisture evaporation as well as protection from the harmful UV rays.

Crest Link provides comfortable apparels for all your golfing needs. Stay dry without a boogie.



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Crest Link provides comfortable apparels for all your golfing needs. Stay dry without a boogie.